Currently, the real estate development company operates primarily in the construction and sale of luxury flats and apartments in prime locations with a high standard of construction and with timely completion. Currently, construction and renovation works are being carried out in Krakow, on ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego, the main structure is a family residential building with commercial premises.
The building in a compact city, six-story with 19 apartments and 2 commercial premises on the ground floor and a full basement. It is equipped with a modern elevator, a protection system and also has interesting architectural features. The area behind the building will be fenced and landscaped.
The development is located in the centre of Krakow, near the ul.Królewska intersection. Next to it there is Mlynowka Kings Park recreational area, universities (Pedagogical University, University of Cracow, Jagiellonian University and University of Mining and Metallurgy and the School of Management) and residential and service buildings.The road system provides very good access both by car and public transport. There is a bus stop in the vicinity of the property and there are a lot of trams, buses and minibuses.

nr. floor usable price 1 m2 netto + VAT price netto + VAT (zł) condition development
L1/1/S ground floor 98,41 SOLD show PDF
L2/W ground floor 63,18 95, 00 zł 6 002,10 zł FREE show PDF
L2/2/W ground floor/basement 27,77 55,00 zł 1 527,35 zł FREE show PDF
L2/2/W ground floor/basement 20,13 55,00 zł 1 107,15 zł FREE show PDF
L2/S ground floor 63,18 9 500,00 zł 600 210,00 zł RESERVATION show PDF
L2/2/S ground floor/basement 27,77 5 500,00 zł 152 735,00 zł RESERVATION show PDF
L2/2/S ground floor/basement 20,13 5 500,00 zł 110 715,00zł RESERVATION